Eye Flu : Symptoms and Eye flu treatment at home

Eye flu treatment at home
Eye flu, medically known as conjunctivitis, is an eye condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It can be caused by bacteria, viruses or allergies. In this blog, we explore the symptoms of eye flu and share Eye flu treatment at home and promote a speedy recovery.

What is Eye Flu(conjunctivitis)?

Conjunctivitis is an inflammation or infection of the conjunctiva, a thin, clear layer of tissue that covers the front of the eye and lines the inner surface of the eyelid. The most common types of conjunctivitis are viral conjunctivitis, bacterial conjunctivitis, and allergic conjunctivitis.

Viral conjunctivitis: Caused by a virus, usually an adenovirus. It is easily transmitted and easily transmitted by contact.

Bacterial conjunctivitis: Caused by bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus pneumoniae. It can also spread from one person to another.

Allergic conjunctivitis: Caused by allergens such as pollen, pet dander or dust. It is not contagious, but can cause discomfort and redness.

Symptoms of Eye Flu :

  1. Redness: The whites of the eyes appear red and purple.
  2. Itching: Most patients have itchy eyes.
  3. Excessive tear production: The eyes will produce more tears than normal.
  4. Discharge: Thick or crusty discharge may develop, especially after sleep.
  5. Photosensitivity: Hypersensitivity to light may cause discomfort.
  6. Blurred vision: Vision may be slightly blurred due to pain and tears.
  7. Foreign body sensation: Some people may feel like something is stuck in the eye.

5 Eye flu treatment at home:

Warm compresses: Warm compresses can reduce eye symptoms. Take a clean cloth and soak it in warm water. Gently squeeze out excess water, then place the warm compress on the closed eyelid. Hold for 5 to 10 minutes and repeat several times a day. Warmth helps reduce redness, reduce itching, and relieve stretch marks.

Artificial tears or eye drops: Over-the-counter (OTC) lubricating eye drops or artificial tears can help dry, itchy eyes get relief from the flu. Be sure to choose eye drops that do not contain additives, such as decongestants, which can make symptoms worse. Follow the recommendations and use as needed.

Maintain cleanliness: Good hygiene is important to prevent eye infections, especially colds or eye infections. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, especially before touching your eyes or face. Do not rub or touch your eyes as it may irritate the eyes and spread the infection to other people.

Avoid: If you think allergies are causing your eye pain, try to identify and avoid the allergens that bother you. Keep your living space clean and well ventilated. Using an air purifier can also help reduce airborne allergens.

Rest and Healing time: Rest your eyes by avoiding screen time and reading for long periods of time. Adequate sleep can promote faster recovery and recovery from an eye cold.

When to seek treatment:

While eye flu treatment at home is effective but, some cases require medical evaluation and treatment:

  1. Persistent symptoms: If your symptoms do not improve or worsen after a few days of home treatment.
  2. Severe pain: If you have severe eye pain, vision changes or increased sensitivity to light.
  3. Other symptoms: If conjunctivitis is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, severe headache or eye injury.
  4. Contact lens wearers: If you wear contact lenses and develop conjunctivitis, it is important to consult an eye doctor immediately.


Eye flu or conjunctivitis can be uncomfortable and bothersome, but most patients can be treated well at home with proper care. Knowing the symptoms and following these five eye flu treatment at home can reduce discomfort and speed recovery. However, if symptoms persist or worsen, seek immediate medical attention for appropriate evaluation and care. With a little pampering, your eyes will regain their health in no time. Remember that prevention is key to reducing eye flu, so practice good hygiene and avoid close contact with sick people as much as possible. You can Install EyeX tool which provide you complete eye care solution.

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